CEO Mark Evans headlines meet-and-greet for the Singaporean company’s PH staff

Cebu, Philippines – June 27, 2017 – Dreamscape Networks opened the doors of its Cebu office wide open to officially welcome employees from Vodien Internet Solutions. The company recently acquired Vodien Group, Singapore’s #1 web hosting provider.

Office welcome for Cebu team

CEO Mark Evans personally welcomed Vodien’s Cebu team at the Dreamscape office. Global Support Manager John Tamang was also on hand. Evans showed them around the company premises and introduced them to different teams as both companies move forward together.

Evans thanked the Vodien team and gave them a short speech. He highlighted what they can expect going forward, now that the Singapore-based company has become part of Dreamscape.

Vodien Group joins Dreamscape

Vodien Group provides services for online presence. Its products include web hosting, email, domains, cloud and servers, and web security. Since 2002, the company has become Singapore’s number 1 web hosting company.

The Vodien acquisition provides Dreamscape with a highly established, world class hub and talented team. Vodien also comes with a large customer base, strong performance and attractive margins. The two companies have a strong fit for business and culture with an aim of leading hosting and domain in Asia.

Dreamscape prepares for SEA growth

Dreamscape joined the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) at the end of 2016 following a successful $25 million public offer. Since then the company has made strides in partnering with different service providers to offer more innovative products to its growing customer base. At the same time, Dreamscape also refreshed and updated its existing host of solutions.

The acquisition of Vodien is the latest in the company’s strategic rationale. Net Logistics Pty Ltd in Sydney, an internet hosting company, was previously acquired by the company on April.

Dreamscape is set to continue on the path to growth, with focus on the five English-speaking countries in Asia, especially Singapore.

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