Online solutions provider expands host of products with new Simple SEO for online visibility

May 3, 2017 – Perth, Australia – Dreamscape Networks Limited (ASX: DN8) has released a new solution for online businesses to take control of their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Small and medium-sized businesses alike will be able to take advantage of Simple SEO.

Simple SEO forms part of the second phase of Crazy Domains’ newly revamped Traffic Booster console, launched in January 2017. Along with the new Business Directory product, Simple SEO is a user-friendly and affordable addition to Crazy Domains’ Traffic Booster console that helps drive long-term online growth for SMBs.

Online growth strategy

The product is part of the company’s growth strategy to introduce fresh products to members. As a result, this will help increase membership by opening opportunities to new markets. In addition, the noteworthy next phase of the Traffic Booster refresh is in progress, including newly added solutions and capabilities. The update will consequently help increase website traffic.

Research shows that in the USA alone, companies have spent US$65 billion on SEO. This is predicted to increase to $72 billion in 2018, and $79 billion in 2020. Expected to follow suit are leading markets in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

According to the Sensis e-Business Report 2016, SEO increased by 4% in 2015 among Australian SMBs. Furthermore, 60% of SMBs consider it crucial to appear first on Google results. Combined, these findings demonstrate a strong market for growth.

Easy-to-use, highly scalable Simple SEO

Simple SEO scans a website and gives a rating, then provides customers with a clear and custom plan to help improve SEO rankings.

Dreamscape Networks’ Executive Director and COO Gavin Gibson said:

SEO doesn’t need to be intimidating or complicated. Dreamscape Networks are committed to giving SMBs back control of their SEO at an affordable price.

Simple SEO is phase two of our refreshed Traffic Booster console, designed to be the one stop portal for driving traffic to an SMB’s website. Because gamifying the process makes it fun and rewarding to improve traffic to the website, Simple SEO helps our customers to thrive.

By giving the customer a score of their websites’ SEO status, Dreamscape puts the ability in the SMB’s hands to quickly and easily achieve 100% coverage of best practices and requirements of SEO. This helps to drive more traffic, conversions, and success for customers, Gibson said.

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