Industry self-regulatory body of .AU domain welcomes new Supply Class Board Director

March 24, 2017 – Perth, Australia – Chief Operations Officer Gavin Gibson of Dreamscape Networks and Crazy Domains has been appointed as the new Supply Class Board Director of auDA.

auDA is the official policy authority and regulatory body of the .au domain. In selecting Gibson as the new board director, an independent executive search firm undertook an exhaustive interview process.

New role at auDA

Gibson joined Crazy Domains in 2007. Before that, he operated as the Chief Technology Officer for a number of IT companies. As COO, he helped steer the company to success, including its eventual rise as the leading domain brand in Australia.

Stuart Benjamin, Chair of the Board, said about the appointment: “Gavin has in-depth domain industry knowledge, experience within a regulatory environment and a thorough appreciation of the risk and corporate governance core to the role as an auDA Board Director.

“As auDA continues in positioning the organisation as leading Australia’s digital community, this requires us to create trusted experiences for all Australians. The breadth of experience Mr Gibson will bring to the Board is invaluable in helping drive that strategic direction.”

Broad knowledge and expertise

Since its inception, Gibson has been working with Dreamscape and its various subsidiary projects, involved across all aspects of operations. This includes support, HR, design and development, as well as project and product management, marketing and PR.

Gibson’s clarity of vision and capability of taking on any challenge are among many things the company values. He expertly applies knowledge and experience with each task. He competently manages the implementation and build of the company’s internal systems. Consequently, Dreamscape improves in speed, efficiency, profitability and overall customer experience.

Gibson was heavily involved in the ASX listing of Dreamscape Networks Limited (DN8) as a public company on December 2016. Furthermore, he will continue to guide the company to more success while performing in his new role.

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