In Australia alone, every year 2 million people seek food relief. Unfortunately, demand is rising. Thousands of people get turned away from food banks every month because there just isn’t enough supply to go around.

Dreamscape Networks staff decided they wanted to do something to help.

Food Bank WA

Foodbank describes itself as a “pantry.” Food is donated to Foodbank by farmers, manufacturers and shops around Australia, then distributed to adults and children in need. Foodbank provides, on average, as much as 166,000 meals a day.

Individuals and companies can also collect non-perishable grocery donations for Foodbank as part of charitable food drives. This is where Dreamscape fits in.

Digging deep in dreamscape

Rebecca Smith, office manager for Dreamscape in Australia, put a call out to employees: for two weeks in May staff would collect all they could for the charity. In return, company management agreed the business will match every donation with an additional item.

In just days, staff in Dreamscape’s Perth office gathered packets and tins of all shapes and sizes. Overflowing and spilling out from the original container, the donations needed to eventually expand into an additional four boxes. True to their word, Dreamscape management matched the donations of staff, with a total donation worth over $300.


Mark Evans, CEO of Dreamscape Networks, said:

It is fantastic to see our passionate Perth team contribute so much. They aren’t just donating things from the back of the cupboard, but even specifically purchasing items to give.

Nobody should ever have to go hungry or worry where their next meal is coming from. Nobody needs to be hungry. While Dreamscape Networks can’t personally help each of the millions of Australians in need, I’m very glad we’ve been able to play our part.

1 million items

In July this year, Foodbank runs their annual “Shop & Share” campaign. As part of the drive, 15 of Australia’s top food brands will give one-for-one donations each time customers purchase participating brand products during the month of the campaign.

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