Six months ago, Andrii Skorniakov, a key developer at Dreamscape Networks, visited an orphanage in Ukraine’s war-torn Donbass region. What followed would change his family’s life – the adoption of a little girl.


Donbass has been subject to unrest and armed conflict since 2014. Estimates currently put civilian casualties at around 1,129 killed and 3,442 wounded since fighting began.

On arriving at the Donbass orphanage, Andrii and his wife met a girl who had lost her whole family in the fighting. As the parents of two children, a four-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son, the couple made the decision to adopt the girl.

Andrii said of his family’s newest member:

Her name is Liza (short for Elizaveta, the closest English equivalent is Elizabeth). She is 10 and very talented. She loves dancing, oil painting, and roller skating. After she lost her mother, brother and sister, she had no relatives left.

My wife and I met her, when visiting the orphanage in Donetsk oblast, and we both loved her. Our children (we have a boy and a girl) already love her very much.

A Long Adoption Process

Due to a complicated process, the Skorniakov family waded through six long months of formal procedures to achieve their goal.

Documents were prepared, and a court hearing attended. Finally, a judge made the happy decision to allow Andrii and his wife to adopt the child, and make her officially their daughter.

Now our colleague is the proud and happy father of three kids!

Most of all, when looking to the future, Andrii is optimistic. He says, “We hope to become a real family for Liza, and to give her all the opportunities that she needs in her life.”


On behalf of Dreamscape Networks, a small donation of $5,000 AUD has been given to Andrii to help his family in the near future.

Andrii joined Dreamscape in February 2015 as a PHP Developer. He has taken part in the implementation of a Bug Tracking System, a new Fraud System, and also a new Traffic Booster product. Currently, he works as a 2nd level Systems Developer for a variety of different projects.

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