Dreamscape Staff celebrate Christmas with CantiplaIn the mountain village of Cantipla, there isn’t always a lot to look forward to at Christmas — so Dreamscape are trying to change that.

For the third year in a row, employees from Dreamscape Networks’ Cebu office visited the area to throw a little party for 200 children.

Celebrating the season, the visitors from Dreamscape brought food, gifts and supplies, enjoying a dance competition complete with prizes.

 From Humble Beginnings in cantipla

In 2014,  Dreamscape Networks’ Customer Care Operations Manager, Sherwin O., suggested Mark Evans, CEO, join him at a Christmas party for the children and villagers of Cantipla.

With involvement from various team leaders and company management, Dreamscape Networks became a benefactor of the annual event in the mountain village.

Supplies for Children

Christmas in Cantipla






This year, Dreamscape staff and volunteers gave out 250 t-shirts, along with hundreds of loot bags that included fruit, snacks and candies, as well as packed lunches for children and their parents.

With the opening of the new Cantipla Integrated school, children have also received notebooks, pencils, crayons, and pencil sharpeners.

Mark Evans, CEO of Dreamscape Networks, said:

“It’s the season of good will, and we like to do what we can. Dreamscape Networks is engaged in all kinds of – but this one is a little special because many of our support staff are from, or based in, Cebu.

While it might not seem like a lot, any donation can help to make a different to the kids of Cantipla. It’s worth it to see their smiles, and know we’ve helped to make a difference, however small.”

We hope to be back again next year!

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